Safari Renewals LTD is a leading Intellectual Property (IP) renewal company in Africa handling IP renewal services in all African countries (including OAPI and ARIPO). The company was primarily established to provide high quality and affordable IP maintenance services to the African community.



We aim at creating a convenient atmosphere for IP practitioners and registered IP proprietors worldwide, by providing an efficient one-stop-shop for the maintenance and management of their Intellectual Property rights in Africa at a cost effective basis.


Our Team is comprised of qualified and dedicated IP practitioners as well as diverse staffs from various trademarks and patents Registries throughout Africa, with extensive expertise in dealing with Intellectual Property transactions and management, sharing a common goal of meeting our Client’s needs on a cost effective basis.


We seek to become the global market leading company in the maintenance and management of IP in Africa by delivering state-of-the-art services and laying down an international standard for quality reliability and value in the industry.


Renewal Services
The registration of Patents, Designs and Trademarks confers certain rights on the registered proprietors which must be continuously protected through prescribed renewal to remain valid. We have extensive experience and expertise in Trademarks, Patents, and Designs annuities/renewals and provide free renewal reminder services to our clients on request. Additionally we provide automatic renewals to clients who have opted for standing instructions.
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Recordal Services
Complementing our renewal services, we also provide IP Recordal Services throughout Africa. We record changes in registered particulars (name and/ or address), registered user(s), as well as transmission or transfers of title, assignments, transmissions etc.
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Our fees are most competitive without compromising on providing five star services to our clients. Additionally we offer further discounts to clients based on the volume of instructions received and proffer certain free complimentary services to our loyal clients.


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